Naushawng Development Institute (NDI) is an independent, non-profit education and development organization founded on April 9th 2009 by Kachin scholars committed to strengthening democracy and community development in northern Myanmar. NDI contributes to democratic transition, peace building and sustainable development in Myanmar through training; education; advocacy; research and policy development analysis, as well as networking.


Naushawng is the Jinghpaw name for the leaders of the well-known traditional Kachin dance who guide thousands of people around the Manau sacred poles. We chose Naushawng as our name because we believe that by making education is our priority and we are enabling young people to become future leaders, who develop responses to the key issues facing our citizens.


 NDI Motto:

“Shape the Future, Invest in Education


-Our Vision

A society in which self-determination; peace; harmony and prosperity are enjoyed by all.


-Our Mission

Advancing Kachin society through researching policy alternatives and providing educational leadership.


-Our Aim

Promoting peace, human rights and democracy in Myanmar by empowering young community leaders and influencing decision-makers.


-Our Values

Diversity, Equality, Justice